A Scabbard of Swords

Greetings, dear readers! Today I write of my next manuscript project. I’m daring the verdant fields of fantasy again, this time hopefully without so much adjective abuse.

I’ve taken some familiar themes common to a lot of high fantasy and revisited them through a humorous lens. I’m no Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams, but I was influenced by them, so here’s hoping.

As written on the Ancient Scroll of Octhilion:

A chosen will rise, mighty and bold,

When marches forth the Ice Lord’s army!

The chosen will triumph, as foretold,

To leave the Ice Lord broken and barmy!

The Council of Watchers searches the land high and low, seeking the chosen. And every few years, they find one. In secret, they raise their prophecied heroes, funded by the wealthy elite.

It’s a profitable franchise, if you can afford the entry fee…

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