Welcome, Reader!

I’m Erik P. Harlow, and I write stuff. Whether it’s for work, for my Saturday game group, or my latest manuscript, I love writing. While it can be an intensely lonely journey, taking the trip is always worth it.

Thanks very much for finding your way here. Odds are, you’ve read something I’ve written and feel strongly enough about it to look for more points of interaction. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Sort of. Actually, if it’s interaction you seek, Goodreads is probably a better place for that. They have a form field for asking me questions directly.

But… if you’re okay with links to my written works, a meandering attempt at a blog, and the exact same “About” section you’ll find on Amazon and Goodreads (parity is life! Actually, football is life), then pull up a chair and sit a while by the fire. Unless you’re sitting already. And if you don’t have a safe place to burn things nearby, maybe let’s just skip the whole fire thing entirely.

You get the idea. You’re welcome here, and I’m grateful for your visit. If you want updates, please fill out the email harvester below.

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